(Guest Post) 5 Blast Oversize Golf Grips Reviews In 2021

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5 Blast Oversize Golf Grips Reviews In 2020

Meta description: The great oversize golf grips can make you satisfied while you are playing golf on the course. This post will make you clear around it.

The oversize golf grips are the golf club’s crucial components that a lot of individuals forget about. Those golf grips can help the golfers do well since they can offer handy grip and non-slip performance in other circumstances. Selecting a suitable golf grip to fit the skill and hobbies might enhance the field’s performance. Altering the golf grip regularly could enhance the swing and even better efficiency from some strokes.

This article will make you expand the horizon related to choosing the oversize golf grips on the current market. 

Reviews Of The Oversize Golf Grips

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1. Winn Dritac Standard Golf Grips Dritac

Winn Dri-Tac Oversize (+1/8") Black/yellowish-green Golf Grips (7DT-BK)
  • Winndry Polymer Material
  • Comfortable Feel With Exceptional Non-Slip Performance
  • All-Weather Conditions
  • Country Of Origin: China

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The pressure points from this version can assist the golfers in getting the non-slip performance. The waterproofing and shock-absorbing material can permit the leading quality swings under all circumstances. Next, the grip even gets soft, but the tread partner’s tacky cushioning can support the golfers with more consistent and strong efficiency.

On top of it, the glow grip is an outstanding value for your wallet. In other words, you could select from green, red in the standard size. Lastly, the grip possesses an outstanding new style, which can bring you the ability to operate effectively for each shot around the course.


  • It assists the higher shock absorption.
  • The pressure points are great.
  • It is quite soft and tacky.


  • There is no smaller size.

2. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip | Soft & Tacky Polyurethane That Boosts Traction | X-Style Surface & Non-Slip | Swing Faster & Square The Clubface More Naturally

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Thanks to this version, you could enhance the putting performance. The grip owns enough tackiness from the CrossTaction engineering to assist the hands in other cases, particularly while they are sweating under the rain. The grip’s durability shows that you could rely on that grip for putting around the field and decrease tension or enhance control.

When you are searching for the grip to enhance the putting, that is particularly a perfect option. The common grip from this collection can assist you in taking the trustworthy putting stroke.


  • Enhances the putting performance.
  • The CrossTaction cutting edge technology can make you satisfied.
  • It can decrease the tension with arms.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • Less reaction from the shot.

3. Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips Set of 13 – Choose Between 13 Grips with 15 Tapes and 13 Grips with All Repair Kits

CHAMPKEY Comfortable Polyurethane Golf Grips Set of 13 - Choose Between 13 Grips with 15 Tapes and 13 Grips with All Repair Kits (USA (Repair Kits Included), Oversize)
  • PRODUCT SPECS - Grip Size : Standard /Midsize / Oversize, Core Size : .0.600 " , Weight: 51g...
  • EXCELLENT STRUCTURES:Made by two parts, The inner tube is made of rubber material that provides...
  • ALL WEATHER PERFORMANCE - Our Exclusive Soft Tacky Polyurethane Material provide excellent...
  • TEXTURE CONTROL: The advanced surface texture is used to improve feedback and...
  • SERVICE - Champkey Backed by 100% Money back Guarantee, this is totally risk-free buy.Please...

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This pack particularly mentions the value for players. Then you can obtain a lot of decent grips with all you want to regrip for a better cost. Due to the soft compound, they are quite tacky. Moreover, the softness turns them to be quite handy, and some of these can increase up to less grip pressure throughout the swing. They are even discussed to be super great under rainy circumstances, and most reviews back this up. Apart from it, here is a great product that you need to grab as soon as possible.


  • The quality of this version is great.
  • The cost is affordable.
  • The surface style and taper are great.
  • It has regripping accessories included.


  • The design could be a little hectic for your eyes.

4. Winn Excel Wrap Oversize Golf Grips

Winn Excel Oversize Grip
  • Excel Wrap Is Extremely Tacky
  • Unmatched In Dry Weather Play
  • Shock Absorbing Material, Wrap Design
  • Country Of Origin: China

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Another version that we want to bring to you is Winn Excel. It can provide the ultimate performance under climate circumstances. The material can give you friction during support for humidor rainy circumstances. Thanks to the outstanding structure styles, golfers may take the most advantage of the non-slip grip with a higher quality drive each time. Whether a golfer is in rainy or humid weather, this version can display shock absorption, and the common wrap construction can offer outstanding assistance.

When it comes to the style, those golf grips can bring a delicate addition to the golf club bag and stimulate you to seem confident during playing on the field.


  • The higher shock absorption can make you satisfied.
  • It can work under climate circumstances.
  • It is quite handy and simple to apply.


  • This product can be worn down so quickly.

5. Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Oversize Gray Golf Grip

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It is no fun to experience the grip, which is the wrong dimension for the hands. Enjoying the oversize golf grips, which are bigger, does not result in many strokes through the scorecard. However, it can cause some pains and discomforts.

When you utilize the oversize one, we recommend that you grab this version because it is well-suited for small hands, but the grip could not stop there. It can display the 360 degrees and packed all the grip for great control and the tack.


  • It can improve tackiness.
  • The wrap grip can make you satisfied.
  • The state of the art look of this version is fabulous.


  • It might be slippy under the rain.

Shopping Guidelines 

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Crucial Hints To Purchase The Oversize Golf Grips

Picking out the suitable golf grip is particularly essential if you need to seem handy in each swing. In other words, adding the great golf grip for the club might make it seem like the brand new golf club. When altering the golf grips, you might enhance the performance from the least double or three strokes.

Besides, while purchasing the golf grip kits for the club, here are a wide range of attributes to care about. It is crucial that you can select a suitable brand and display to offer suitable assistance. Next, some golf grips own various attributes that can fit various performance patterns and hobbies.

The golf grips are regularly overlooked, but they are the golf club’s particular component that golfers touch while they swing. It shows that getting a suitable golf grip is crucial to assist and comfort. It is crucial to get a better grip to meet the performance style and guarantee the grip is authentic and fit for the game. The players constantly alter their balls, shoes, and various components, but the grip is regularly forgotten.


One key attribute to care about while selecting the golf grip is the dimension. On the other hand, it is essential that you take the appropriate grip size since that affects the control, drive, and even ball path.

Next, the most common size is a regular size that fits golfers with hand sizes from 7 to 8.5 inches. Various sizes, especially for oversize, can fit huge hand sizes, midsize, and oversize perfect for the amateurs with small hand measurements. Finally, you can utilize the grip, which can not meet greatly could lead to the golfers game between 2 and 3 strokes and causing you to push the slot.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9LJmgIVAok 


The grip material is even crucial. Some grips are produced from artificial or rubber materials that are super long-lasting and arrive with various patterns and structures. Many grips are even derived from the thermoplastic material that offers a softer feeling that can fit various performances and patterns.


Structures arrive in the host of various constructions and even styles. The structures might produce a better or abrasive feel. The structure offers the feeling for the player, so selecting the proper structure is crucial so that you seem handy and in control of each swing.

Some golfers love the tackier structure to assist with grip confidence and even traction. Getting a host of structures can support golfers doing well under humid conditions. Moreover, the structures, including the ribbed styles, get an abrasive feeling, regularly preferred by professional golfers. When the cord structure is not a leading choice, players could search for the grip with a heavier style and surface structure to bring the vital tractions to make some clubs slip out from their hands.

On top of it, the smooth grips are derived from plastic, or various polymers are not suitable for playing under saturated conditions. However, textured grips might regularly be quite rough for golfers’ hands. The better grips or the grip, which can offer the combination of either soft touch and structure, can provide the mid-range for assistance and convenience for the players without being excessively smooth.

Finally, the smooth grips are common for golfers who do not put on the glove or need a smoother feeling. They get less texture but even assist golfers grip above the club to not slip out from the hands.

Final Thoughts

We ensure that you can gain a deeper insight into the typical oversize golf grips on the market. Lastly, keep in mind to leave your comments below this article. We will help you whenever you need it. Thank you so much!

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