20 Popular Funny Golf Terms That You Should Know

funny golf terms

At this moment, there are some nice perfect scoring phrases. Here are many less important golfing phrases that could help you understand, especially if you are an enthusiastic golfing player or need to “suit in” for the club. You could utilize most golf phrases to represent the distinctive circumstances, the bad performance, or brag them inside the conversation on the field to produce a relaxing ambiance. 

When you are a newbie to golf, you need to have listened to most of some terms but not entirely know its meaning. Don’t worry. This article will help you approach some funny golf terms as well. 

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1. The Army Golf

When people utilize this phrase for the direction, you perhaps want to face the putting golf match. It represents the popular case that the golfing players experience throughout putting in which they can return and the unexpected past for the hole. 

It regularly happens during some golfing players could not produce some putts and make through the hitting for the shots that leads to the “army golf” towards or backward for every angle of this hole. 

2. Afraid Of Dark

Each golfing player can expect that the ball is not afraid of the dark. If it occurs, this could particularly not need to move inside the hole. 

This phrase is utilized to display the ball, which will not fall inside the hole at all. There is no need to claim for the golf; it is quite great to deal with the dark’s fear. 

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3. Barkie

When you get a specific opportunity to make some trees, you have listened to the phrase one and many times. The Barkie is seen as the phrase that is utilized to represent the hole throughout that you make a hit of the tree and could even take control of the hole of the par, compared to common golf terms.

On top of it, this phrase is particularly considered as a good term because it is quite harder to restore for making par as soon as making a hit of the tree in some situations. When you have played as the Barkie, you would have finished so badly.

4. Backhander

Yes, at present, you are only bragging about that at all. It is named the backhander when you particularly tap for the ball by making the best use of the putter’s false angle for the convenient putt. 

5. Breakfast Ball

Here is a phrase that is particularly listened to every morning for the golf fittings. Here is since it specifically takes effect on the initial hole.

The breakfast ball is the strange principle that can offer you a great hit for the initial tee. However, fewer golfing players can play with it, but if you realize that you are listening to it, only understand that it might be a great item. 

6. Cabbage

When you want to take control of hitting the ball inside the deep foliage, you are in the cabbage. It is great to prevent the cabbage when you are not capable of doing so, and here is an opportunity in which you will not keep track of this ball right away. 

7. Coast-To-Coast Flight

Like some funny golf terms, Joy seems to be a kind of thing but the joy for the golfing player who can try using the low score. This phrase displays for the ball, a stroke from the bunker to other ones above the reversible edge of green putting. 

Because the putting is seen as the hint for golfing, there is a worse circumstance, which can particularly lead to the bogey and the dual bogey. 

8. Chili-Dip

When you listen to this phrase, you might need to apply many tasks for the swing. The chili-dip is seen as the joy phrase for people who want to put the huge divot on the base along with the swing chip. 

Apart from it, this phrase is particularly utilized for other cases, so that you should not put it in privately when the golf buddies make you away from it. 

9. Chicken Stick

This phrase is the club into the bag you have selected for the particular shot since it is seen as a great option. More importantly, this phrase is utilized for referring to an idea in which you could not make some dangers in making a decision. 

10. Chippie

The chippie shot is seen as which is held near the green. There is no stuff there, but when you are supposed to make the chippie, let’s prepare for it so well. 

11. Chunk

When you are a beginner, you need to listen to the humor directed toward the path. When you have not improved the swing yet, here is a great opportunity to discuss the chunks from the base above the swings. 

On top of it, here is ideally standard, but could be ready for the playing companions for teasing players of the huge old “chunks” which you are mentioning from the green field.

12. Cup

Each of us needs the ball into the cup for the initial attempt. This term is a straightforward term that displays the course’s hole. It is about 4.5 inches in dimension, or particularly not feasible for looking at some moments. 

13. Dawn Patrol

When you could not assist, but run away from the green course if possible while the sun sets, we highly recommend that you need to be on dawn patrol. In other words, it is the endearing phrase that can take you to the nap as well. 

14. DNF

Some useful terms can sit for distinctive items but show a little bit about a similar item. DNF is utilized particularly for some sports, as well as shows “do not complete”.

On the other hand, the phrase can represent the golfer’s progress when you could not finish the hole right away. 

On the contrary, the DFL is the acronym that shows the golfing players who can complete but particularly could not make so effectively. 

Last but not least, keep in mind that teasing the buddies wherever they complete the DNF. 

15. Dammit

When it comes to the less typical corner of some stuff, we recommend using this term. This one is not precisely exclusive for the world of golf, but you can listen to it, which is extracted super regularly since the golfing players have to grapple with producing the par and prevent these bogeys. 

Apart from it, this term is seen as the option’s curse for the golf field, and you could be available for listening to it or claiming it so frequently. 

16. Dance Floor

Even though it could not usually be so funny for people who can put the woes, the putting green is popularly raised from the dance floor. The origin for it is the putting green is in which some of the activities occur. 

Next, you particularly need the golf ball, which is danced along with the tee when you nearer the hole. The nearer the ball is moving towards the tee, the greater the tune plays as well. 

17. Double Cross

The double-cross is a particularly complex phrase. It specifically represents the direction in which the ball moves as soon as the golfing player gets some club contacts.

The particularly popular case for amateurs, in specific, is when the golfing player who is putting more effort into only curving the ball, or it could finish up moving the whole opposite path. If this term occurs to golfing players so regularly, you might need to consider operating for the spin so far. 

18. Duck Hook

When you cannot adjust the spin matters, you can make a hit of the duck hook regularly. The duck hook is the ball that you can hook in the future. 

On top of it, it regularly arrives with the scoring detriment and turns it to be tougher for restoring and producing the par for the hole. Finally, you may listen to the buddies who create the duck sounds when you make a hook of the ball so terribly. 

19. Flusher

The name for this movement is similar to the toilet flushing; the phrase can show for the ball, which moves with the path near the middle of the hole as soon as falling in. 

Some people can experience particular tension and other prayers from other players, which could elicit. 

20. Foot Wedge

Getting a lot of matter out here as well as want the perfect side? It would be best if you organized to use the foot wedge as well. 

Apart from it, the foot wedge is a particularly illegal activity for making the ball inside the perfect area for you to keep going on for the hole specifically. Last but not least, you will not realize that occurring for the PGA competition, but it could not be strange for keeping track of it with some competitive golf match with some clubs.      


Some interesting golf terms above are phrases that could make your life funnier. Lastly, we hope that you could use them throughout your golf games and give the comments in the box if possible.

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