Best Driver For High Handicap Golfers Reviews In 2020

Best Driver For High Handicap Golfers Reviews

The state of the art drivers is likely to begin enhancing people’s driving performance or when you are expecting to pay a lot of money. There is no great reason for users not to purchase the best driver for high handicap golfers for the match in the future.  

Purchasing Tips

Some Useful Notes For Remembering Before Purchasing A Great Driver

Before purchasing the best driver for high handicap golfers on the market today, we would like to invite you to focus on some essential things which can affect the decision for the buying process of the most challenging club. In reality, there is nothing which could produce a great smile for the high handicap golfing player’s face, compared to the drive which could sail towards the path for a particular distance. Yes, it is sure to begin to obtain the scores down as well. 

On top of it, because the driver is the priciest club inside the bag, we highly recommend that you need to check your budget carefully. Next, the pundits could be not similar to the others, or there is a huge overlap for your views of the suitable drivers which are only for the mid handicappers. 

In the phase of the golf match, it is driven toward the fantastic experience of the match or enhancing, compared to picking out the clubs according to the buddies’ club choice. The swing is quite long, or the ball is tinier and makes the most of some help which you could obtain. 

While choosing a fabulous driver, we suggest highly that you need to ensure to take the hugest head, which is available or which meets the level of 460cc as well. 


It is crucial to pick out a great driver golf club along with the fabulous loft for fitting the clubhead speed. Here is in which the club fitting could be particularly useful in identifying the swing speed. Some amateurs or handicap players can possess slow swing speed. Thus, it could request some help for obtaining the ball inside the air. 

Next, it is suggested that the loft could fluctuate from 15 to 20 degrees. The clubhead speeds over 95 miles per hour could request a loft around 13 degrees. The clubhead speeds over 104 miles per hour could expect the loft approximately 11 degrees.  


Some kinds of materials are utilized for the clubheads’ establishment. For some previous years, some driver heads could be produced from the alloy steel. Here is a common choice for the newbies can they take some risk for their wallet or last so far. 

The disadvantage here is that they are no bit forgiving as well. For the greater forgiving clubhead with a controlling wallet, please glance at the clubheads derived from steel alloys. 

On top of it, for effective performance, users could stare at the titanium clubheads. The amateurs or handicap golfing players could benefit from the forgiveness made from the titanium heads when you are spending more money on the advanced versions based on golf driver reviews.


Choosing a suitable driver along with a lot of choices or is particularly alternated can produce some issues or make you forget about the fundamental knowledge of taking the ball away from the tee or inside the playground. 


Picking up the shaft which fits the swing speed is the next crucial element in the choice. The wrong shaft could lead you to push a ball during stiffing and pulling a ball while there is a lot of whip with the shaft. 

While choosing the proper shaft you tested the swing speed, that is distinctive from the clubhead speed as mentioned for the option of the loft. As usual, the swing speeds under 63 miles per hour can be well-suited with women flex. 

Best Driver For High Handicap Golfers Reviews
Player choosing best driver in bag

Reviews Of The Best Driver For High Handicap Golfers

1. PGX Offset Golf Driver

Some of golfing players or particularly high handicap players are grappling with defeat between both directional drives. The PGX is a product which is worth purchasing while you are searching for the good driver. The offset cutting edge engineering discovered inside this one can target for displaying the square face for ball flight. 

Thanks to the lightweight engineering integrated inside the PGX texture offset permitted the manufacturers to create a fabulous club. Here accomplished in component via the graphite usage along with the structure of shaft as well as clubhead. Moreover, it could support weight and enhance versatility. 

The alternated settings for the driver are not assisted for some offset drivers. The particularly hosel above the PXG offset could be changed to fit your demands.


  • This version is derived from leading graphite. 
  • It is entirely alternated. 
  • This version is deserved to purchase.
  • This driver is quite lightweight. 


  • The complex alternated procedure could make it difficult to do.

2. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, Black

This driver is the newest in the cutting edge RBZ range from displaying a good cost driver providing with the leading efficiency. Here is a driver who could assist the handicap player in ensuring the distance without taking a lot of forgiveness. 

On top of it, it is not constructed for golf players who are defeated so far. The weight is spread around the perimeter of the clubhead to strengthen the precision during the speed pocket engineering produces some spin, or greater launch circumstances creating the outstanding distance. 


  • These golf drivers for high handicappers are constructed for the speed of the ball. 
  • The perfect shaft, as well as the alternated loft, could make you satisfied.
  • The cost is affordable.


  • Some users complained about the sweet spot.

3. TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver, Black, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, High Launch

This driver owns the huge or titanium head along with the alternated loft sleeves that could permit for the great launch as well as the trajectory. The Ultralite titanium core particularly masses for greater launch and the management of trajectory. The ultimate matrix with some shafts could be suitable for better distance. The speed pocket efficiency is for the low spin so far. Last but not least, the state of the art satin black complete along with the delicate structure for enhancing the alignment. 


  • It is well-suited for trajectory control.
  • This version supports a lot of pockets for greater launch.
  • The loft sleeve permits for a perfect launch. 


  • Some users have to switch the driver during their usages. 

4. Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver

The famous forgiving driver at this moment in F8. On the other hand, it could assist in carrying more enhancement for the golfing match. When it comes to the weight, it is conveyed from the golf head crown and relocated beneath the club head’s back to influence the gravity point. Here is a driver who even owns the authentic texture which could drive the weight from the particular zones of the driver permitting some speed for the hits nearby the centre. 

On top of it, the alternated function could offer the choice of tweaking the loft aspect up to twelve as well. The Smartpad cutting edge engineering represents this version is to convey the square face with the contact point of the loft instalment.  


  • It arrives along with a perfect speed face, compared to best driver for distance.  
  • The smart pad could make you satisfied.
  • The weighing engineering is fabulous. 


  • Some screws which fetch the weight are likely to snap away.

5. TaylorMade M4 Driver

The suitable face of this model could decrease the side spin or bring the straighter shots. Moreover, it could offer some lofts for the low heel towards the stable spin. When it comes to the hammerhead slot, the outside portions could permit for the versatile face as well as leading to the huge sweet spot. Besides, the central portion of the slot could control the speed of the ball beneath the face. Finally, this product could decrease the sole pressure, which is capable of a huge face. 


  • This version could offer a lot of loft for high-toe.
  • The slot could permit for the versatile face.
  • It could leave unexpected spin.


  • This model is not near the stiff shaft.         

Wrapping It Up

The best driver for high handicap golfers could be your great buddies for you while playing golf. Before making your decision, please skim all the useful things in our article carefully.  

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